The Leader in Business Continuity Management

For the past 21 years, ContinuitySA has led the business continuity industry in South Africa and Africa as a whole. Our focus remains on ensuring that our clients’ businesses can continue to operate effectively through any crisis or disruption.

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Our portfolio of services continues to grow and evolve in order to keep pace with changing business requirements and to take advantage of technology advances.

Next generation services

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We have a significantly strengthened range of service offerings to enable the delivery of next generation solutions to meet any level of Business Continuity requirement.

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The growing availability of cost-effective bandwidth has changed the face of business continuity, and as a result we are able to deliver business continuity as a service, including Managed Hosting, Backup and Recovery, Server Replication and High Availability Solutions.

Operational relevance

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This range of innovative solutions is backed by a strong services team to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the most effective and appropriate solution for their business.

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Our approach is redefining business continuity by making infrastructure earmarked for business continuity available to the company as a resource for day-to-day operations as well.

Services from ContinuitySA:

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For more information on our service offerings Contact us.

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