Is your supply chain Ebola-proofed?

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When considering the risks of a crisis such as Ebola, companies need to first and foremost protect their people, and thereafter to look at the broader business impact it may have. Minimising the risk to employees is a clear priority for any company, be it planning a response to a health crisis or a natural disaster. But from a business continuity point of view, companies also need to look at the bigger business impact once staff have been protected. What should not be forgotten, however, is the impact on the company’s supply chain....

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Ebola outbreak: How prepared is your company for a pandemic?

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Health scares like the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa seem so unlikely—until they happen. Make sure your company is prepared. The death toll continues to mount—at the time of writing it was 650 and rising—and health ministers from the Southern African Development Community have announced a strategic plan to prevent the spread of the virus into our region, and to treat any people who are infected. Of course, it’s a humanitarian disaster first and foremost, but the implications for business are profound, both generally and in...

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Using social media for crisis communications

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Social media platforms offer an invaluable tool for communicating with stakeholders when a crisis strikes—but you need to be prepared. When an emergency strikes, companies often find themselves on the back foot. The first thing to understand is that when a crisis breaks is not the time to be deciding what to do and how to do it! The protocols and procedures for managing a crisis must be decided and understood before it strikes, and should form part of Business Continuity planning. One of the most important parts of any crisis management...

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Making business continuity real

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Generic Life Cycle

As noted in an earlier blog, Business Continuity Management (BCM) is not an event or a project. It has to become embedded in how the company works, and the whole process of BCM has to be managed. When it comes to embedding BCM into the corporate culture, it’s important to recognise that there is no “one size fits all” for this activity. It has to be tailored to the company, its people and the business in which it’s involved. At each phase in the BCM life cycle, there are opportunities to create and enhance a BCM culture. Many of these...

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Risky business: The dangers of having no Business Continuity Management

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Let’s now consider a real-life case study of a company that did not have adequate BCM. This company, let’s call it Acme Trading, was listed on Johannesburg’s AltX stock exchange where its maiden revenues were 327 percent higher than those of the previous year. Headline earnings were up by some 256 percent. Six months later, headline earnings were down almost 100 percent. A company whose prospects had looked so bright soon lost its allure, and was ultimately delisted after only one year of trading on the AltX. This spectacular fall from...

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Six benefits of business continuity management

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In previous blogs, we described what business continuity management (BCM) was and the five steps to implement it effectively. Now let’s look at why it’s so beneficial. Let’s begin by remembering how widely the effects of a disaster can be felt. If an individual company experiences a disruption, it can be devastating for the people who work it or rely on its products or dividends. But imagine large-scale disasters, like the Japanese tsunami or the bush fires in Australia,that put many businesses out of commission. If the companies cannot...

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Five steps to effective Business Continuity Management

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Last time, we discussed the importance of BCM in managing operational risk. Now let’s talk a little about how to implement it effectively. The key is to approach BCM holistically and methodically. The important point to remember is that BCM is not a once-off event. A company changes, its environment changes, and thus the risks it faces change. It’s thus very important to see the BCM process as a life cycle, constantly being renewed over time as new risks appear and old ones mutate. ContinuitySA recommends following the following five...

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Keeping the lights on, no matter what

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Every business is exposed to risk of various kinds. In fact, some would argue that a business’s profitability is directly linked to the amount of risk it faces, and how well it manages that risk. The more risk, they say, the more profit. It’s no surprise then that various disciplines have arisen to help companies manage the risks they face: IT risk, Information Security risk, Economic risk and Credit risk. But underpinning them is all is Business Continuity Management (BCM), which deals with operational risk. It’s aimed at ensuring that...

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Are you prepared to bet on your BC Plan?

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A statistics lecturer in the very first lecture in a MBA class went to the front of the class pulled out R1 000 and put it on the lectern. He then called for a volunteer to flip a coin 10 ‘heads’ or 10 ‘tails’ in a row and you could have the R1 000. The lecturer chose and an eager man. As the man was about to start the lecture stopped him and said, ‘Sorry, I forgot an important thing. It costs R10 to try. You can either pay me R10 or sit down and let someone else come up and try. R10 compare to R1 000 is not much.’ Two other men...

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Next-generation backup bliss: How to achieve it

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So you know your backup is broken and you’ve taken our advice on how to get your current systems working better. But the intrinsic challenges remain: Traditional tape backups are unreliable and do not work well with new technologies. Nor can they scale easily. In a world where every business is basically a digital business, your data (and the systems on which it is stored) is mission-critical. In this digital business environment, the CIO is being called upon to play an increasingly strategic role, as is the IT department as a whole....

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