What is DRaaS—and why would you want it?

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Disaster recovery, or DR, has a deserved reputation for being both complex and expensive. It’s also vital. That’s why getting it as a service is a no-brainer.   By Sasha Malic, Head: Availability Services, ContinuitySA Having a proper disaster recovery solution in place—one that is guaranteed to work when the chips are down—used to be the preserve of banks and big corporations with deep pockets and regulatory obligations. Now, in the wake of King III and similar codes, the critical importance of IT for a business’s...

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Bridging the availability gap with DRaaS

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Companies cannot survive if they lose access with their IT systems and the critical data and applications they contain. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) is emerging as a key answer for the hard-pressed CIO, says Trent Odgers, Enterprise Account Manager from Veeam Software South Africa. “Despite the fact that commerce depends utterly on applications and data, a Veeam study[1] found that 84 percent of CIOs globally cannot deliver the uptime that their businesses demand,” he says. “This availability gap has increased by 2 percent...

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Insourcing vs outsourcing BCM: Beware of hidden costs and pitfalls

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When you’re weighing up whether to do your business continuity management (BCM) yourself, or to outsource it, there are many things to take into account. By Willem Olivier, GM: Africa. ContinuitySA As we all know, the value of an effective BCM is becoming more widely appreciated as companies take sustainability more seriously. Nowhere is this more true than in Africa, where businesses are gearing up to take advantage of the continent’s opportunities but find their ability to compete hampered by unreliable national infrastructures and a...

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Is #cybersecurity keeping you awake?

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Cyber security is a business critical issue that can keep any executive awake at night.  ContinuitySA as part of the global Business Continuity Awareness Week #BCAW2016 is hosting a Cyber Security event for senior management which will highlight the current cyber threat landscape, provide an analysis of a cyber impact and review the business response to a cyber threat. The cyber security and business resilience session will be held at ContinuitySA media briefing session in Midrand on Thursday 19th May from 7h30 – 10.30. Seats are limited so...

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Why DRaaS Could Save Your Business

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Without ensuring reliable backup and recovery of your servers and data, your business is at risk. Many factors such as industrial action, extreme weather conditions, routing upgrades or hardware failure can all lead to extensive loss of data, the consequences of which could be catastrophic to your business. Disaster Recovery as a Service, commonly known as DRaaS, is a comprehensive portfolio of services that offers a potential solution, however does it offer the full service that you would expect unless it is properly managed by a company with...

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Resilient office solutions

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By Ernst Wolfaardt, GM:Operations, ContinuitySA When it’s time to find premises for your new business or when you are relocating or need extra office space, it’s interesting to consider the alternatives available. Should you deliberate about office renovations, take a new building or evaluate a resilient office space? In addition to its core Business Continuity Management, ContinuitySA is offering resilient office space to companies who want the benefits of a fully managed office solution at a fixed monthly costs. So what is our resilient...

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5 ways to build business resilience in an uncertain world (5 of 5)

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Geo-politics is a business risk too. By Michael Davies, CEO, ContinuitySA The final set of risks relate to geo-politics and, in particular, terrorism. Our team recognised that these are risks that are largely out of companies’ control, but they need to understand them and have mitigation plans in place. We decided to include these risks particularly because Africa seems to be more and more vulnerable to them, terrorism in particular. It comes at a time when South African businesses, in particular, are looking to expand north in order to...

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5 ways to build business resilience in an uncertain world (4 of 5)

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Cyber-attack is a fact of business life these days. By Michael Davies, CEO, ContinuitySA Like it or not (and none of us do), it seems that the brave new world of the Internet, and the resulting connected business environment, have created a whole new class of crime: cyber-crime. Cyber-criminals are legion, and exist in suburban bedroom in Iowa, lofts in Beijing and North Korea, and Internet cafes in Belarus and Estonia. They are highly skilled, often anarchist in mindset, and supported by an apparently limitless set of hacking tools available...

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5 ways to build business resilience in an uncertain world (3 of 5)

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When the chips are down, can you handle a return to basics? Give some thought to how your key businesses could be actioned manually, if worst comes to worst. By Michael Davies, CEO, ContinuitySA We’ve all imagined how we would cope with the aftermath of a nuclear attack or a violent revolution, when all the infrastructure on which we depend is destroyed. Foraging and hunting for food, chopping wood, finding a water source, learning to weave or work leather: what skills and tools would we need to survive? The same thought process could be...

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5 ways to build business resilience in an uncertain world (2 of 5)

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Supply chain risk is something that all businesses should understand, and work hard to mitigate. By Michael Davies, CEO, ContinuitySA Last time, I introduced the first of five risks that will affect African businesses over the coming year and into 2017. The second risk our team identified is one that has become more prominent over the course of the last several years: supply chain risk. The first point to make is that today’s business environment is characterised by long supply chains and greater collaboration with business...

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