Next-generation backup bliss: How to achieve it

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So you know your backup is broken and you’ve taken our advice on how to get your current systems working better. But the intrinsic challenges remain: Traditional tape backups are unreliable and do not work well with new technologies. Nor can they scale easily. In a world where every business is basically a digital business, your data (and the systems on which it is stored) is mission-critical. In this digital business environment, the CIO is being called upon to play an increasingly strategic role, as is the IT department as a whole....

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ICT exercising: Going the whole hog

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ICT Continuity Training

In a previous blog in this series, we spoke a little about the importance of Business Continuity exercising from the viewpoint of business users. Because it’s so important we would like to tie up this series themed around the cost of doing/ not doing Business Continuity Management by expanding the discussion look at the ICT Service Continuity exercising dimension. In an earlier blog we mentioned the importance of ICT and business working together, but the reality is that most organisations still have a long way to go in achieving this. One...

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Training to get ICT and business working together

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For too long, ICT and the business have pulled in different directions when it comes to Business Continuity Management—and in many other respects, cynics might add. But the publication last year of the ISO22301 standard for Business Continuity Management has put renewed emphasis on the costly impact this diverse approach can have on an organisation. Because business is so dependent on ICT, it stands to reason that ICT’s ability to recover from a disruption is integral to the business’s ability to do so. Trouble is, ICT Disaster Recovery...

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If you can’t exercise it, it’s just not a (business continuity) plan

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Plans are aimed at providing solutions that work in disruptive situations; solutions that will restore vital business processes within the parameters set by the business. The range of things that can wrong is wide, and the extent of each disruption will vary dramatically. As such, a Business Continuity Plan should be activated as soon as there is a realistic indication that the incident looks like it will escalate into a disruption and therefore breach the Recovery Time Objective for the relevant business processes. But the...

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BCM training saves money in the long run—not to mention time

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BCM trainng saves money

Many companies decide they want to create their own Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan themselves. There could be many valid reasons for taking this decision, but the decision to go it alone should include a realistic understanding of the many pitfalls involved. In ContinuitySA’s experience, many companies end up with failed BCM programmes after months of work and effort—amounting to many hundreds of thousands of Rands wasted—simply because their methodology and/or ability to maintain the programme was faulty. For example, one of...

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Fix what you have: Some simple steps to solve backup/ restore problems

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Perfection takes a while to attain, and most of us have to make do with what we have—at least for a while. We believe there are several steps that companies can take to improve their current backup environments and considerably reduce the risks they face in the event of a disaster. Build as clear and as detailed a picture of the current backup environment as you can. This is essential in order to understand how long backups take, what the success rate is, if there are problem servers or other bottlenecks, whether the notification and...

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Taming the pythons and the cobras – a case study-based approach to avoiding a corporate crisis

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ContinuitySA is hosting a talk for Business Continuity Awareness week, on Tuesday 18th March 2014 in Johannesburg on taming the pythons and the cobras – a case study-based approach to avoiding a corporate crisis, and getting out of one as quickly as possible if a crisis strikes. Our guest speaker Alan Argyle will give a 90 minute multimedia session we’ll explore the most common sources of corporate crises and why they are more likely to be slow-creep issues like pythons; the real costs of getting it wrong and why best practice crisis...

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Backup is broken: Fear and loathing in the data centre

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The truth is that most companies have a backup problem, with executives and even heads of IT departments deeply mistrustful of the official backup processes. As a result, there’s a vast ad-hoc “accidental architecture” of duplicate backup procedures. For example, many CEOs and CFOs make copies of their important documents on public cloud storage like Dropbox and OneDrive (previously SkyDrive), external hard drives, flash drives and even their home PCs. This type of practice is extremely unsafe from the point of view of data security,...

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Business Continuity Awareness Week to focus on counting the cost of not having business continuity.

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In the aftermath of the 2008 financial recession, companies globally have faced tremendous pressures to cut costs. Like marketing, business continuity is often an early casualty of such measures. And just as a lack of marketing leaves a company disadvantaged when the upturn comes, so skimping on business continuity can cause a company to go out of business. In response, this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week will focus on the true cost of business continuity. The theme for the week is counting the cost, which will highlight the...

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Business continuity management: Where does it fit in the organisational structure?

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In the first two of this short series of blogs, we looked at what business continuity management (BCM) is, and how it differs from disaster recovery. To conclude, let’s consider where BCM fits into the corporate organogram. Most organisations have considered and gone a long way to implementing IT disaster recovery and so when business continuity appears on the horizon it gets assigned to the IT department. As discussed in the previous blog, business continuity and disaster recovery are interconnected but should not be owned by the same...

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