Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery  Centres

Wherever you are located in Southern Africa, we can cover all your business continuity requirements, from professional consultancy to well equipped disaster recovery centres.

We currently have disaster recovery facilities available in Gauteng (Midrand and Randburg), Cape Town (Bellville & Somerset West), Botswana, Mozambique and Mauritius.

Our fully redundant recovery centres are configured to recover companies of any size:

  • Over 3000m2 of server rooms
  • Office accommodation for over 2000 people.
  • Redundant power and communication feeds
  • Controlled Access.
  • Secure Infrastructure.
  • Fully tested infrastructure and equipment.
  • 24×7 operation with national one number telephone invocation.
  • Experienced and dedicated support staff.

Disaster Recovery Facilities

Our recovery facilities are fully air-conditioned and designed for full occupation in the 12000m2 Midrand facility, 3000m2 Bellville facility and 1500m2 Botswana facility. Space allowance is typically 5m2 per person in the open plan office environments.

Various combinations of office seating are available from single seat executive suites to open plan office spaces. Office environments are designed to accommodate multiple client invocations.

All facilities are saturated with CAT-5 UTP cabling providing one data and one telephone connection per desks.

Restrooms are scattered throughout the facility, including showers. Kitchen facilities are available in the vicinity of all office areas equipped for the preparation of refreshments.

Redundant Power Supply

Office desks are provided with clean power outlets providing uninterruptible power supply backed up by generators. Multiple generators and UPS units supply power to independent isolated areas within the buildings. All systems are tested monthly and a full service record is kept. Adequate diesel is available on site for operation of facility for up to seven days without refueling.

The main power feed is from Halfway House, which leads to 3 mini subs at ContinuitySA. In addition to the municipal power supply, all facilities are fully equipped with UPS and Generators, which will allow the facility to operate continuously in the event of an outage.

Using traditional copper and z-screen trunks, microwave and fibre SDH, Telkom provides redundant voice and data communication to the facilities. Multiple exchanges provide feeds to the facilities to limit the dependency on a single Telkom exchange.

Re-direction of lines – Telkom now has a call forwarding service that clients can invoke in the event of an outage, to make use of this service the client must subscribe to this “Intelligent Call Forwarding”. The client must do this redirection request. ContinuitySA has sufficient capacity to accommodate line swings, however Telkom need 2 weeks notification in the event of testing.

The facility is saturated with CAT-5 cabling and MOD-TAP certified to provide 100Mb/s. The LAN infrastructure provides a 10Mb/s switched network as a standard to the desks with an option of 100Mb/s, configurable to switch any to any, with full security and privacy. Every network solution is designed uniquely to suite the client and can include network speeds of up to 1Gb/s using the fibre backbone within the DMZ.


Our disaster recovery facilities are provided with perimeter electrified fencing and controlled access within the fenced areas. Internally the facilities are provided with integrated movement detectors. An armed reaction company is notified via radio signal on violation of a preset security condition.

ContinuitySA have world class business continuity and disaster recovery centres.

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