The CM²™ Capability and Maturity Model

A demonstrable ability to survive and recover from major disruptive events has become the single most important success aspect of any business continuity management (BCM) programme.

ContinuitySA consultants make use of a patented in-house developed tool namely CM²™ Continuity Capability and Maturity Model to assess the business continuity management capability and maturity level of organisations.

The CM²™ framework has been designed to provide analytical information which can be used in determining an organisation’s ability to survive any operational disruption resulting from a single or a series of worst-case events.

The CM²™ tool incorporates ContinuitySA’s wealth of experience regarding the critical components required for achieving maturity; the ISO22301 standard, as well as the Business Continuity Institute’s – Good Practice Guidelines 2013.

CM²™ Model Assessment Benefits:

CM² provides company boards, senior management, Risk Managers, Compliance Officers and BCM practitioners with a mechanism to:

  • monitor the effectiveness of a BCM programme,
  • establish its current level of maturity; and
  • define an action plan of improvement measures which can be adopted to enhance BCM capability.
CM² certification

A certificate indicating the maturity level attained is issued following every CM² assessment.  Typically, the certificates are valid for a six month period so as to take into account any short term deteriorations or improvements in the client’s BCM capability which can only be identified and highlighted through a regime of regular assessments.

CM² Lite Assessment

As an example, feel free to complete our CM² Lite assessment or contact us for a full Continuity Capability and Maturity Assessment for your company.

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