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ContinuitySA is the African leader in Business Continuity Management

We have expanded our business continuity management services to deliver the next generation of bandwidth enabled recovery solutions and beyond.

ContinuitySA provides a variety of hosting solutions, ranging from co-located to fully managed virtualised environments, with our primary focus being to ensure our clients are able to address the resilience and recoverability of their IT services. Our hosting services are complimented by managed backup and recovery services, virtual server replication and high availability solutions to satisfy any level of continuity requirement. Learn more about our business continuity management solutions

Business Executives

Business Executives

Preparing for the worst is part of preparing to succeed. For directors and senior management, BCM is a crucial component of good governance that now demands more than a vague nod of acknowledgement. It’s about ensuring that your organisation is able to recover from a disruption to emerging intact, viable and remains profitable.

With modern BCM Hosting offerings from CSA effective business continuity can be combined with the operational need for high availability as a cost effective combination of good BCM practices and continuous service to the business.



As the CIO, your fellow business leaders will expect you to be as agile as possible so that you can move with the ever-changing requirements of the business. Our next generation offerings in Business Continuity Management and BCM Hosting (“Continuity as a Service”) are based on the availability of extensive and affordable bandwidth from multiple suppliers.

Our experience in BCM complemented by these new hosting services will allow you to provide appropriate levels of continuity while addressing your operational IT needs for high availability solutions.

BCM Consulting Experts

BCM Consulting | BCM Training in South Africa

Measuring success, particularly in something as intangible as “culture” is the challenge, and not only for those of you who are trying to implement a BCM programme, but also for those reviewing a BCM programme’s return on investment, internal audit and certification – You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Our Continuity Maturity Measurement (CM²) model can assist you to regularly assess the level of BCM in each of your business units measured against the international standard.

ContinuitySA has a Gold Corporate Partnership with the BCI. The aim of the partnership is to raise the profile of Business Continuity Management as a discipline and to promote corporate excellence in the delivery of BCM. read more

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